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Since the Corona (COVID-19) outbreak, we are stuck in our home and there is nothing to do. So peoples are finding way to pass their time, some are busy in Social Media some peoples are loving their time with the family and friends, but at the end of the day their is something missing which is way of entertainment.

And the only options are Netflix or YouTube but due to demand of Free Netflix Accounts their are alot of spam are going on the Internet. So as responsible content provider I have decided to come-up with something that might help you.

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What is the main problem here?

The main problem is due to high demand alot of people wants to have free Netflix account but Netflix is upgrading its security to stop this leeching. The most trusted way of using cookies are not working too.

Whats the solution here?


Well well well that’s why HackDon is here. I have come across an application that might have(you have to check) all your Netflix Movies and Series for free. But the main problem is that app is not available on PlayStore.

Here is the Screenshot

Where to get it?

You have nothing to do just click on the link down below to get the application.
I am testing one more application which will be posted on HackDon Telegram Channel soon!

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